Cure Media specializes in influencer marketing and helps advertisers find the right influencers on social media for marketing of their products or services. We assist in idea and concept development, execution and follow-up/reporting.

Contact us for campaigns and collaborations on Instagram, YouTube and blogs, and we will help you find the right influencers in our network of thousands of premium / micro influencers.


Working with influential bloggers gives you a strong voice for your products or services. Influencers in social media often have specific niches. By choosing the right profiles to work with you can build awareness in a relevant market. This contributes to higher quality leads which in hand generates more business opportunities.


Bloggers and influencers have spent years building credibility and relationships with their readers and followers. The trust that is built can be compared to that in a friendship. Three out of four blog readers in Sweden have purchased a product recommended by a blogger. This is an unparallelled place to advertise your brand.


Together with our experts we will find the right influencers on social media to match your brand with and exhibit it in a creative way.


We coordinate and execute the entire campaign with the influencers and make sure that the ideas deliver the quality promised.


Once the campaign is finished we go through the results with you and provide a report on achieved interactions.

We know influencer marketing on social media

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