Our philosophy is that the most effective marketing is when we hear it from someone we look up to, someone we trust and someone we want to follow.


With extensive experience in Influencer Marketing, we build successful influencer strategies for marketing teams around the globe and run campaigns with influencers on social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Blogs. We assist in idea and concept development, execution and follow-up/reporting.


Cure Media was awarded as Top Influencer Marketing Agencies 2018 by Business of Apps in UK. Certified by IAB as a Qualified Influencer Marketing Partner. We have done 10 000+ successful campaigns.


Influencer strategy

We define a strategy and help you understand how influencer marketing will help you achieve your overall business goals. We also determine your target group and define relevant and measurable KPIs.

Campaign preparations

Using our AI-based tool in combination with data and experience from 10 000+ influencer campaigns, we help you identify influencers that matches your brand and reach your target audience.

Campaign execution

We coordinate and execute the campaign in close contact with the influencers and in line with the strategy. You can follow the results live throughout the whole campaign and we work continuously to optimize the results.

Results & next step

We follow up the defined KPIs and hand over a performance report. We also give you our recommendations on a suitable next step, in order to maximize your investment in influencer marketing. 


Learn how an elaborate influencer marketing strategy can help you achieve your  business goals  How to build a winning Influencer Marketing strategy 2019 Download the guide!