How to integrate influencer marketing into the overall media mix

In order to succeed with influencer marketing, you need to define the concrete value that it can bring to your business, as well as how it can complement and strengthen your other channels and marketing efforts. In this blog post, we’ll tell you how to successfully integrate influencers in your overall media mix.

Behind all various media- and channel strategies you set up during the year, there’s certainly a lot of planning and extensive work. Each channel must fulfill a particular purpose, have a dedicated budget as well as an elaborate strategy to be able to achieve your goals. At the same time, they should complement each other when it comes to conversion goals, sales, and branding. In order to successfully integrate influencer marketing into the overall media mix, it’s necessary to look at the overall marketing goals for the whole year.

Your responsibility, as a marketer, is to continually evaluate and challenge your existing methods – otherwise, you will never be able to benefit from influencer marketing! Just like with all your other channels – whether it’s print or Facebook Ads – you need to understand the value of influencer marketing. Only then, it can become part of your overall media mix. For example, did you know that influencer marketing can be used as a reach medium of the same caliber as TV?


Identify the purpose of influencer marketing

Before you effectively start collaborating with influencers, it’s necessary to identify the purpose that influencer marketing should have for your business. Which key ratios and metrics should you use to measure your efforts? For example, is it about creating brand awareness in a new market, or increasing direct conversions among an existing target audience? Whether your purpose is to create branding or drive sales, it’s necessary to pinpoint how and why influencer marketing should be used.

Another significant part of defining the value of influencer marketing is to investigate which target audiences you want to reach through this channel. Throughout this process, you need to learn why these people follow influencers – is it to get inspiration for an upcoming house renovation or in order to learn new dishes? With these insights, you will be able to make choices that correspond to the purpose of your particular investment.


Question and challenge your traditional media channels

All your channels generate something; whether it is conversions or reach, it is necessary to evaluate how influencer marketing can be a suitable better solution for your specific needs. Efficient marketing departments are continuously working to evaluate and question their investments and strategies – to continually develop and find new solutions. Curiosity is key

Today, many companies and brands have achieved great success with the help of influencer marketing – and in the coming years, this marketing method will grow further. To succeed in the long term, it is critical to have an elaborate strategy for influencer marketing.

To successfully integrate influencer marketing into the overall media mix, you must view it just as any other media purchase – and thus treat it exactly the same way as your other media investments. Many times, it is the attitude that determines how successful your influencer marketing will be.

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