Influencer Marketing – How does it work?

Let us help you with influencer marketing through our independent network of thousands of influencers. We identify the best-suited profiles, whether it’s micro-influencers or macro influencers, and manage the entire campaign – from start to finish line. A dedicated team at Cure operates and optimizes the campaign continuously in order to achieve the best results possible.


Influencer strategy

We go through your overall business goals and help you identify how influencer marketing can help you achieve these, as part of your overall media mix. We determine your target group and the period during which the profiles will publish and activate their followers. We also help you define relevant and measurable KPIs, so that we eventually will be able to measure the effect of your investment.

• Define strategy
• Determine target group & KPIs
• Estimate expected result

Campaign preparations

By means of our AI-based tool combined with data and experience from 10 000+ influencer campaigns, we help you identify and select influencers that fit your brand and reach your target audience. We also recommend which platforms should be activated; Instagram, Youtube, blogs etc. We coordinate and make sure that the entire process runs smoothly.

• Identify & contact influencers
• Review & approve posts
• Schedule posts

Campaign Execution

When the campaign is up and running, we coordinate and execute the entire campaign, in close contact with participating influencers and in line with the strategy. You can follow and monitor the results in real time in our campaign tool throughout the entire process. During the campaign, we work continuously to optimize the result in order to achieve the best effect possible.

• Real-time results
• Continuous campaign monitoring
• Optimizing KPIs

Results & next step

Upon campaign completion, we follow up the defined KPIs and hand over a performance report, outlining the final results as well as all content that has been published during the campaign. We also give you our recommendations on a suitable next step, in order to maximize your investment in influencer marketing. Examples of KPIs that we measure are engagement level, number of clicks and impressions, traffic to landing page, and number of comments and likes.

• Final results
• Review of published content
• Next step recommendations

Personal recommendation from an influencer that you actively follow


91% would consider to buy a product they were recommended from an influencer


Users spend on average 2:08 min per post, which is significantly higher compared to other media


Traffic via influencers generates twice as many conversions


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