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As Influencer Marketing continues to increase in popularity, the strategies are also changing with it. An influencer with a high number of followers was thought to drive more conversion and dedication than one with fewer followers. Today, we know that influencers with
fewer but more committed followers can have a greater impact on a company’s brand and are considered to be more credible.
These are the influencers we today know as Micro Influencers.

We define Micro Influencers as persons with 3.000+ reach in their social channels. They are very committed to their followers and often specialized in their field. Thanks to this, they drive an extra high level of commitment and credibility within their niche.


Micro Influencers are passionate about what they do and they are seen as a credible source when it comes to recommendations on what to buy. They often drive a higher level of engagement than many larger influencers have.


We’ll help you find the right Influencers based on audience and performance data from past campaigns, no matter what segment
you’re looking for – for example lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food, fitnessfamily, interior, health eller gaming.