The journey for the team behind Cure started in 2013 with the launch of a well-being product within FMCG. Securing the production turned out to be a tremendous challenge, however, and with bankruptcy fast approaching a complete overhaul was needed to survive. With courage, passion and a steady focus on results the team managed to get through and lay the foundation for what is today Cure Media. The shift happened during a time when understanding of influencer marketing was flawed and the results of sponsorships were not properly verified, something which was evident while attempting to market the well-being product.


Cure Media quickly took a firm grip on the commercial aspects of social media, developed the business and helped advertisers make their presence known on relevant blogs, Instagram and later YouTube. A lot has happened since then. In this rapidly changing business a lot of engagement, curiosity and gathering of relevant data is required to deliver top results, aspects within which Cure Media thrives today.


Over time hundreds of influencers joined our network which today has a combined reach of over 50 million. We are passionate about making creative campaigns which yield strong results and build long lasting collaborations. Over 4 000 successful campaigns have been executed since we started and we have put our hearts into each and every one of them! After the conclusion of each campaign we analyse the results to further improve our skills in matching influencers with advertisers. That is the key to successful campaigns.


Our vision to “be the first hand choice for all brands and influencers” has only begun!
Follow us on our journey – welcome to Cure!