Influencer Marketing Case
Puma / Intersport

Get inspired by this Influencer Marketing case. In March one of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturer PUMA, together with the European sports chain Intersport, did a campaign together with CURE Media.

To activate girls between 16-24 years in Sweden and Finland by driving traffic to PUMA’s competition page. The winner in each country got 6 months of personal training and sportswear from Puma worth $3000.


In order to go through with the competition with a high level of engagement, we chose to target the younger part of the target group as they are more likely to participate in competitions.



  • Influencers with a high percentage of engagement level. Our focus was high engagement rather than a big number of followers.
  • The influencers posted a sponsored competition that fitted their own content.
  • To find influencers with followers who are most likely to participate in competitions. Influencers with YouTube as their primary channel have more active and engaged followers on Instagram as well. Therefore, YouTubers with a large amount of followers on their other platforms too were chosen for the campaign.


The combination of a good contest, the right influencers and relevant channels was the recipe for a great success! The collaboration delivered an extremely high CTR with an average of 8.2%, which is significantly higher than traditional display advertising.


In Sweden the campaign led to 6862 clicks to the competition page.

Engagement rate: 2,1%

The conversion goal was beaten with 225%


In Finland the campaign led to 6619 clicks to the competition page.

Engagement rate: 7,1%

The conversion goal was beaten with 231%


Views: 42 200
Print screens on link to competition page: 1343

”A great cooperation together with our media agency. The most trustworthy way to talk with our target group is to do it through the right influencers.”

– Head of Marketing, Puma



”Never seen such a success with influencers in Finland!”

– Kevin Beaulier, media agency Zenith

Participating influencers

Nellie Berntsson
Nellie Berntsson
Felicia Aveklew
Felicia Aveklew
Aino Rossi
Aino Rossi
Marianna Mäkelä
Marianna Mäkelä