Influencer Marketing – How does it work?

Let us help you with influencer marketing through our network of thousands of influencers. We identify the best-suited ones, whether it’s micro-influencers or premium influencers,, and we manage the entire campaign. A dedicated team at Cure operates and optimizes the campaign continuously for achieving the best possible results.



Together we review what you want to accomplish with the campaign, determine the target audience and decides when the influencers will publish the campaign. We define relevant and measurable KPI:s.

• Target group
• Period
• KPI:s


Based on data and experience, we identify relevant influencers that will fit your brand and target audience. We recommend which platforms to be activated; Instagram, Youtube, blogs, etc.

• Analysis / data QrMap
• Selection of influencers
• Suitable platforms


Summary of price, publication schedule and arrangement so that communication is done properly with concerned influencers.

• Price / offers
• Schedule
• Campaign basis


We coordinate and implement the entire campaign with the assigned influencers. We make sure that the ideas are realized and that the cooperation keeps the quality we promised.

• Draft
• Publication
• Report / follow-up


When the campaign is completed, we’ll follow up the KPI:s and compile a report on the results and the exposed material.
• Post / clips
• Followers
• Likes
• Comments
• Engagement
• Hashtags
• Traffic
• Benchmark
• Views

Personal recommendation from a role model that you actively follow


91% would probably buy a product they were recommended from an influencer


Users spend an average of 2:08 min per post, which is significant higher than for other media


Traffic via influencers generates twice as high conversion


Every link on a high rated website will help improve your SEO